There’s No Excuse for Avoiding the Dentist

Very few people would rate sitting in the dentist’s chair as one of their favorite places to be. For some people, the thought of going to the dentist at all fills them with dread. Whether it’s embarrassment, a fear of pain, or a bad experience in the past, avoiding the dentist can cause serious damage to your teeth. Letting this damage pile up will only make your trip more unpleasant.

Don’t wait until a dental emergency to make an appointment. We’ve taken a look at some of the most common excuses to show you why you should always come in for a regular appointment.

It is too expensive!

Preventative care is not expensive. It is repairing the damage that comes from skipping it that can cost a pretty penny. Brushing and flossing regularly are important, but problems can still arise no matter how diligent you are. During a regular checkup, we not only check for cavities and gum disease, but check for a wide variety of issues. We’ll also help clean away any tartar buildup, helping to decrease the chance of problems occurring in between visits. The cost of paying for fillings, crowns, and other care far outweigh the cost of cleanings and examinations.

Nothing hurts, so I am fine!

This isn’t always true. Sometimes a problem hasn’t progressed to the point where it will cause you pain. The nerve of your tooth is deep inside, so damage to the enamel may not be immediately felt. You might also be brushing off pain, thinking it is normal or not a big deal because it only occurs at specific times, when you eat certain things. Your dentist can quickly identify problems early on, before they develop into bigger, more painful, and more serious conditions.

It’s been too long. I’d be embarrassed to show my teeth to a dentist!

Like all dentists, Dr. Munk is a medical professional. They aren’t here to judge your health or reprimand you for past mistakes. They are there to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and to help restore them if something has gone wrong. The days of scolding and embarrassing patients is in the past. Embarrassment is a silly reason to leave your health to chance.

I’m scared of the dentist!

Some people are frightened of the dentist. If you have dental anxiety, please let us know. Dr. Munk can work with you to help make you more comfortable throughout your visit. Thanks to the progression of technology, the things that set you on edge may be less of a problem for you now. Dental equipment is quieter and more efficient, and many offices offer distractions to keep your attention off of your procedure. We do our best to minimize any discomfort and offer a friendly, relaxing environment.

There’s no excuse for avoiding the dentist. If it has been more than six months since your last visit, make an appointment with Dr. Munk at Tee-Pee Dentistry as soon as possible.

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